BEAST 1350


Take the game to your opponent with the untamed, dominating power of the Beast. With its stiff shaft and head heavy balance the Beat series racquets allow the attacking player to hit punishing smashes and overpower opponents. Nanomex-7: Nanomex-7 enhanced composites increase the shear characteristics for significantly improved inter-fiber performance of the high modulus carbon composite material. This results in superior in plane and out of plane stiffness characteristics and improved frame repulsion. Take your game to a new level with a Nanomex-7 powered frame by Prince. Torsion Tuned Shaft: torsion Tuned Shaft results in the best characteristics from your racquet, for your game. Whether you desire a stiff shaft or a flexible shaft, the torsion tuned shaft technology allows your game to excel by specifically engineering the torsion characteristics of the shaft. No harsh impact feelings from over stiff frames or underpowered off-center strikes with flexible frames as our new weaponry offer optimal performance. Dial in your game with a Torsion Tuned Shaft frame by Prince Beast.


Overall Length: 675mm
Shaft stiffness: Stiff – Tortion tuned shaft technology: very suitable for attack.
Head size: 56sq. in isometric
Weight: 86g / 3.04oz
Balance: 29.5cm / 11.6in: head heavy: powerful
String Pattern: 22×23
Material Construction: 100% carbon
Racquet with free Prince Pro Tour 02 compartment bag (04 color option).

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